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Identifying Termite Active Areas in your Home

Termite infestation in your home can cause a lot of damage including compromising your home’s structural stability. In view of that, you need to always be on the lookout for potential termite infestation signs. Termites usually attack different areas in your home and thus you should remember to frequently check the potential termite active areas. This is important since the earlier you detect termite infestation in your home, the less the damage they would have caused. It is estimated that if your house structure is badly damaged by termite infestation, you will averagely incur in excess of a potential RM7,500 in repair costs.

The Living Room

We tend to spend a lot of our time at home in our living rooms for just relaxing. Termites love attacking living rooms and they are usually found in built-in cabinets and shelves that for a long time have not been used or opened. It is important that you check all of your living room cabinets, especially those that have not been opened for a long time, for identifying a possible termite infestation.

You can check for the different termite control methods that we offer. You can always refer to us for a home termite inspection and discussion of possible termite treatment solutions.

Your roof is often a point that is susceptible to the potential entry of termite, particularly if your roof is connected to other neighbouring houses. We are not able to check this active termite area because for whatever reason, we do not usually access our roofs.

NEXUS Master Sdn Bhd recommends that for your home termite control, you should annually check your roof to identify any possible termite problems. For roofing areas, we usually recommend the use of chemical or liquid termite treatment solution.

We also seize this opportunity to debunk the common myth that termites available in your garden do not do home invasion because they are busy consuming wood available outside. This is not true since the garden area too presents a potential point of entry for termites to your home. Thus, you should also check your garden area regularly to identify a possible termite infestation.

Toilet Area

This is also a popular termite active area in the home because of the presence of high humidity. The built-in cabinets and the door frame of the toilet are more prone to termite attack.

It is possible to identify any toilet termite attack because this is an area in the home that receives a lot of traffic. If you suspect that the toilet damage is engineered by termites, you should immediately book an appointment with us.

Kitchen Area

This is also another popular area in the home prone to termite infestation. This is an important termite active area for the reason that most of the kitchen furniture is built-in. You should frequently check for termite dust and rails particularly along the bottom area and the in-built top of the kitchen cabinet as they are rarely opened or used. In most cases, we encourage the use of termite treatment that involves baiting for solving termite infestation in the kitchen area.

In conclusion, if you notice termites in any of these termite active areas in your home, do not try to solve the problem yourself. Solving termite problems yourself, without professional help, is associated with numerous problems which you should avoid. You can always contact us for solving your termite problems at home.

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