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One of the biggest challenges restaurant and eatery outlet faces is the pest issue. Pest issue directly affects a restaurant's food quality, which can single handed cause great losses on the accounts and reputation. There have been past food scared and pest problems in the restaurant business, where public is aware of top notch food quality and safety in Malaysia. They take food freshness and dining experience into serious consideration when picking a restaurant to dine in. Pest like cockroaches, mice, and ants can infiltrate the entire restaurant's supply chain from raw production, to the food dished on table. It is important to maintain a hygienic environment along the entire supply chain, which includes food processing plant, packaging, warehouse, logistics, kitchen preparation etc. Although there are numerous possible infiltration point, but kitchen is always the most vulnerable area to pest problems. These give restaurant more valid reasons to perform routine pest control actions, and maintenance to eliminate the risk of food contamination.

Restaurants should take the matter more seriously, because statistics in Malaysia has shown that food borne diseases like Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis is extremely prevalent among out going diners. This is where Nexus comes in to customize restaurant pest control solutions for restaurant operations. We work hand in hand with the restaurant owners so that pests should never compromise your restaurant's hygienic and sanitary conducts.

Nexus has been in the pest control business for 15 years, our specialists understands the local food service regulations and health codes. We can quickly determine the structural and sanitation threats in your restaurant, and customize a detailed pest control action plan. We look into the long, where our proactive prevention scheme and monitoring strategies ensures new pest problems will not come. We deliver a comprehensive pest control solution for your restaurant, and take away the hassle and worry from you.

Our restaurant pest control solution is extremely effective. Choose Nexus with confidence for all pest control problems. We promise only the best for our clients. For more information regarding pest control, please browse through our website.

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