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Static Termite System


Looking for termite control and termite treatment in Malaysia? Let our Exterminex™ termite control solutions help to protect your properties. Termites are no doubt, one of the most feared residential pests. Termites work in colonies, day and night nonstop foraging for food from all your wood structures. Once termites lay eyes on the scrumptious beam, they will tear it down endlessly. Termites work in such harmony and coordination, that it is usually too late when you finally discover of their existence, because damage is done. There are many species of different termites in Malaysia, but our pest control services usually deal with some more commonly found ones. For example, subterranean termites. Subterranean termites feed exclusively on wooden structures and products containing cellulose. This is due to their unique digestive systems, whereby their intestinal and digestive structures contain high amount of protozoa that provides enzyme to properly digest cellulose. Termites are able to chew off fragments of wood using their jaws, and they can infest buildings and damage any wooden elements, like panels, flooring, paper products such as wallpaper, wooden furniture etc. The critical damage is often done to important structures around the home that could cause serious structural damage.


There are many self-diagnosis that you can self-check before too much damage is done to your home, because termite rarely comes to the surface to feed. So, here are some of the tips and tricks you can pay attention to:

  • Check around your house from time to time, especially near light sources after rain.
  • Check closely around your doors and windows frame, most especially if they are wooden frames.
  • Some gnawing sounds around wooden surfaces.
Termite Destruction


Termiote Queen

Conventional termite treatments like drilling and making use of high amount of chemicals in treated area still has its place depending on condition and infected areas. However, modern treatments involve much sophisticated and clean methods, like Exterminex Baiting System. This system allows for a holistic termite control treatment, it requires modern tools to completely remove the colony from your home. Briefly, we strategically place plastic sleeves around infected areas. These plastic sleeved will be filled with garments of wood, paper products and various sellulose based products acting as "monitors" to gauge termite activities and infestations. When termites are detected in these plastic sleeve stations, we will replace them with another bait that contains a powerful termiticide.

On top of replying on monitoring stations around your home, we will also be placing some baits above ground to strategic uses. This method is proactive as bait stations. Termite infestations are treated when seen. Instead, above ground stations work immediately the moment they are installed. Baits are most effective to the termite workers, because they are responsible in relaying the message to the other colony members about the food source. This will lead the entire colony to the termiticide for a complete extermination.

Termiote Queen


Termites are often the most destructive home pest around in tropical countries. They come in colonies and chew down every bit of wooden structure they could sink their teeth onto. Since this is a common pest issue in Malaysian homes, let's visit some of the basics you should probably be fond of about termites. There are different types of termites, but the most common and devastating ones are called the subterranean termites which comes through the soil.

Termites usually feed on cellulose (wooden building blocks found in home structures), but the process of them searching for cellulose could also bring devastating damages to anything obstructing their paths, such as electrical wiring and piping systems. Termites are some of the most flexible exoskeletons around, where the entire army of termites are able to wiggle through 1/16th of an inch of cement walls or floorings. Common suspects where termites will target are wooden door and frames, wooden panels, parquet flooring, cupboards and wardrobes, wooden structures like beams and joints etc. If these are left unattended and untreated, the entire structure of the house will be compromised. This is why home owners must be aware about the importance about setting right maintenance on termite control and treatment.


exterminex system

We work closely with accredited termite control solution providers around the world like Exterminex, Agenda and Bayer products to ensure a holistic, and effection termite control solution, tailored to the Malaysian environment. This treatment involves baiting the queen of the nests, by using plastic sleeves at infected strategic areas, filled with cellulose based products as monitoring stations. When these stations are activated with termite activities, we will proceed in replacing the sleeves with a powerful termiticide. This will lead the workers to bring the entire colony to the termiticide for a complete extermination.

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Termites are insects that tend to cause structural damage and people spend millions of dollars on termite treatment processes. They cause significant damage in groups. They are called "the silent killers", as there will be no immediate signs of damage in your home, office or yard, when they are secretly thriving. They live on cellulose based wood. So, any construction, irrespective of when it is constructed, feeds these insects and becomes a target for damage.

  • Termites can cause damage to many structural components of a construction which include floors, floor joists, ceiling, roof supports, wall studs, support beams, foundations, attics etc. Sagging floors, traces of dust and pile of wings are common signs of termites.
  • Termites can attack buildings of any age. The age of wood doesn't matter for termite infestation. They attack anything and everything that feeds them cellulite, that is old or new, 10 years old or 100 years old. It is a myth that they attack only old and decomposing buildings.
  • Termite attack can decrease the resale value of a property because of the serious damage it causes. It might even scare the potential buyers of your property forcing you to spend on repairing the damage, before you sell the property.
termites damage

If the termite infestation goes undetected, it might cause potential harm to the strength and foundation of your property. The ceiling and walls may collapse, even before you realize what is happening.

If untreated early, termite treatment cost might sky rocket because of extensive damage. As they attack fundamental structures of the building, the repairing costs keep adding. Hence it is advisable to detect it in the initial stages before it causes any serious damage to the property. Having regular termite control check might save you from all these additional expenses and helps you protect your property.


Termite control plays a great role in maintaining the durability of woods in home. Today, there are several services available across the world to control the growth of pests and termites in buildings. Nexus is one among the best-chosen services for termite treatment in home. Following certain tips while doing home management can assist people in managing and resisting the growth of pests and termites in buildings. Here are some among the best suggested tips to follow so as to reduce the growth of pests and termites in home.

  • Excessive moisture in atmosphere is found to be a cause of termite growth. This condition can be alleviated by using sufficient air conditioners inside buildings.
  • Occurrence of leakage in pipes in wall can also act as a cause of termite growth. Hence make sure that walls are done with quality pipe fittings so as to reduce leaks.
  • Proper repair of rotted roofs holds a prominent role in maintaining the durability of wood in home. Hence it is advised to replace rotted roofs as per the requirement.
  • Window side is more probable to the growth of pests and termites due to the presence of moisture. Hence it is advised to wipe out moisture and keep dry window sides regularly.
  • Removal of water from gutter like areas in roof holds a major role in preventing termite growth in home. Hence feel free to do regular checking in gutter like areas in roof of home.
  • Inspection of exterior wood holds a key role in preventing termite growth in home. Today, home owners can make use of termite control products to prevent the growth of pests and termites in buildings.
  • Maintaining an average distance between soil and wood is very important to prevent the growth of pests and termites in buildings. Hence always try to maintain an average distance as per the requirement.
  • Accumulation of mud in and near wooden windows can act as a cause of termite growth. So try to prevent the accumulation of mud in home near window side.
  • Regular application of termite control products is one among the best ways in termite management.
  • So as to prevent the spreading of termite growth, it is suggested to paint home and woods in home prior to rainy season. It can prevent wood from getting damaged. This feature in turn stop the growth of termites in buildings.
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