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Why is Termite Control Important

Termites play a major role in nature or rather the environment. They are responsible for chewing dead trees, which in turn add nutrients to the ground. However, there is no praise when they invade your home. Although termites do not attack humans, termites have become a major problem in homes as they tend to destroy everything that they come across from wood and even the entire house. They destroy house structures and even compromise the safety of the people living inside, therefore, it is important to have a termite control plan.

There are several methods that you can use to control termites.

Pre-construction treatment
This is done before or when the building is still under construction

Post-construction treatment
This type of treatment was introduced in Malaysia around the year 2000.
It is done after the construction is completed. It involves drilling holes into the floor and walls and placing the chemical. When termites come into contact with the chemical, they will die instantly. It can last up to 5 years.

Baiting & colony elimination treatment
That said here are the reason why termite control is important in Malaysia. It is the most effective method so far. Exterminator use chlorfluazuron chemical which is conducive for the environment.

Residue spraying
Not most people use this method as it may bring problems in the future. As soon as the smell disappears the termites will return.

Avoid severe damages
This is one of the major reasons why termite control is important. As earlier said, termites are very destructive. Since they are attracted to sucrose, termites tend to chew on wood from the inside. At first, you will not notice anything until later when the wood becomes weak. For instance, picture what will happen when beams and wood structures supporting your home becomes weak. It might collapse causing injuries and severe damages that are very expensive and hard to fix. They also damage furniture, carpets, and clothes. To avoid such a scenario, it is important that you hire a professional termite exterminator to get rid of the termites and come up with a way to control them. This should not be done once but severally.

You are always protected
Termite control is important because it ensures that your home is protected from these little wood eating maniacs. Termites do not announce when they are about to attack. In Malaysia, For instance, the subterranean termites are known to come up from the soil up and feed slowly on woods in your house for a lengthy period of time without even you noticing.

Avoid health risk and allergies
Although few cases have been reported in Malaysia, termites may become a health hazard. This is because it might trigger an allergic reaction in humans when humans come into contact with it. The allergens are known to cause respiratory problems. To avoid this it is better to ensure that you practice termite control.

For effective termite control, it is advisable that you hire the services of professional termite exterminator. Nexus masters are the leading and most trusted pest control company in Malaysia. They are experienced, licensed and have over 15-years experience in the industry.

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